Gifts that loved ones will love.

These gift ideas have been hand selected based on things that I've got my eye on, gadgets I wish I had, and things that I've been using for a while that I love. I bet you'll find something on here that you'll love, or a loved one will love. I hope this helps make all of your holiday shopping a bit eaiser.
-Andrew Nemeth

Full Disclosure: The Amazon links are "affilate links" which means I might make a small commision; it doesn't cost you anything, and it helps me.

Gift Guide
Anker Charger

Anker PowerCore Fusion - $20

This is the perfect charger because anytime you have to leave before your device has finished charging you just take it with you and it doubles as a portable battery-powered charger.

Sonos One

NEW Sonos One - $174

The Sonos One is a fantastic smart speaker that will play your music directly from a streaming service or a networked computer without tying up your phone. Plus, this model is equipped with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant.

Fenix Flashlight

Fenix LD02 Flashlight - $30

This is the perfect mini-flashlight for your every-day-carry. It's just a little larger than the AAA battery that powers it, and it fits in a pocket or a backpack very nicely.

Trail Boss Wodden Ax

Trail Boss Wooden Ax - $27

Nothing makes you feel like a man more than swinging a wooden ax. It's great for chopping down Christmas Trees or chopping firewood for a bon fire.

Electric Kettle

Aikok Electric Kettle - $27

Making hot tea or french press coffee during the cold winter months is great, having near-instant hot water and not having to wait forever is even better.


Artemis by: Weir - $13

I absolutely loved The Martian and have been looking forward to this latest release from author Andy Weir. If you're a fan of smart and funny sci-fi's (that aren't weird) you'll really like Artemis.

Jabra Headphones

Jabra Wireless Headphones - $50

Jabra has produced a pretty fantastic pair of wireless headphones, they're well styled and the sound quality is good for being bluetooth. And, for the time being the price is steeply reduced.

Foam Roller

Foam Roller - $22

Whether you're a serious athlete or occasionally go for a jog, you'd be surprised how helpful these foam rollers are when it comes to stretching those hard-to-reach muscles.

128GB USB 3.0

128GB USB 3.0 Drive - $26

At 128GB, I bought this drive for my laptop to essentially double my hard drive space. It's so small I never have to remove it, and it's USB 3.0, so the transfer speeds are pretty quick.

Kindle Fire Tablet

Kindle Fire Tablet - $30

For $30 this is one of the best tablets in it's class. It's not great at multi-tasking, but it's my go-to for reading books, and can stream movies well. It's also a great option for kids.

35mm Lens

35mm F2 Lens - $88

If you're an ametuer photographer like myself you can appreciate a low aperature lens like this at an incredible price. This model fits Canon, but Yongnuo also makes some lenses for other makes.

Aukey Charger

Aukey Wall Charger - $20

It's a Power Strip and a Wall Charger. You'll never have to fight over outlets or chargers any more. Buy this and you can charge 4 USB devices at once, and still have two 3-prong outlets available for whatever else needs power.

No Place To Hide

No Place To Hide - $11

No Place To Hide is the incredible true story of a military brain-surgeon during the Iraq War. It's got a full 5 star rating from over 250 people. I loved it and absolutely recomend it.

Weber iGrill Mini

Weber iGrill Mini - $35

Whether your grilling, smoking, or baking, it's helpful to know what the temperature of your meat is. This little bluetooth device will tell you the internal temp right on your phone without having to peak in the oven or grill.

DJI Spark Drone

DJI Spark Drone - $396

Take your selfies to the next level with this powerful drone in a tiny package. Super portable with a lot of neat features, and for less than $400 it's mostly afforadable.

Chef Steps Sous Vide

ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide - $199

This is a great gift for the sous chef in your life. This intelligent device will help perfectly cook meals consistently every time. Connects to smart phones with bluetooth or wifi.

H2X 30oz Tumbler

H2X 30oz Tumbler - $20

I was given one of these last Christmas and I use it nearly everyday. The double walled stainless steel vaccum seeled walls keeep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. I never leave the house without it.

Granby Leather Valet

Grandby Leather Valet - $27

Catellier Made specializes in handmade leather products. This handy leather valet is perfect companion for a dresser or night-stand, it holds your phone, keys, wallet, and other EDC items.