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Making Great Time

Q: How do I know which path to choose?A: The one that gets you to your destination Imagine you wake up at an airport in the middle of the United States and are offered two… Read More »Making Great Time

How To Say “No”

Q: How do I create more time in a day?A: By saying “No” to things you don’t need to be doing. Lots of people recognize what they should say “No” to, but they’re unsure of… Read More »How To Say “No”

Goals vs Systems

Q: What’s the difference between one success and many?A: The methods and the mindset. “Goals are for people who care about winning once. Systems are for people who care about winning repeatedly.” –James Clear A goal… Read More »Goals vs Systems

A Big Problem

Q: What happens after you solve your biggest problem?A: The next largest problem becomes your “biggest problem”. I’ve been staring at an email from Jack Butcher for over a month now. In it, he opens… Read More »A Big Problem

Hard Things

Q: What is the hardest thing you are capable of doing?A: Typically we can imagine something just a little harder than the hardest thing we’ve done. But what if we’ve never done hard things? Earlier… Read More »Hard Things

Slow & Fast Problems

Q: If it’s bad, why don’t we fix it?A: Because many of the problems that go unresolved are “slow”. When you fall off a ladder and break an arm, it’s very apparent. The bone is… Read More »Slow & Fast Problems