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About me

Many Passions

Many Pursuits

I am a husband, father, pastor-teacher, designer, writer, creator, adventurer, and amateur chef. I like to collect insights, experiences, and library cards.

Broad Topics

Deep Experience

I enjoy reading broadly and experiencing deeply. I follow my curiosity and am committed to a lifetime of learning. I keep finding hobbies in things that build value for other people.


I write a weekly email that answers questions few people are asking. That’s not because they aren’t important, it’s because we don’t know what we don’t know. These emails are short and actionable insights for the modern thinker and creative entrepreneurs.

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As my varied interests lead me, and my curiosity compels me, I dabble in a variety of projects. Cooking Blog, Aerial Drone Videos, Ghost-Writing, Consulting, Director of Photography, Counseling, etc.

A wide spectrum of experiences gives me a unique advantage when solving problems.

Come along on the

Learning Journey

Benefit from my constant thirst for wisdom and understanding. I take what I learn and distill it down into short weekly emails because communicating these insights to others is what helps me understand them better.