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Answers to Questions You Weren’t Asking

Hell Yeah or No

Q: How can I reestablish important priorities in my life? A: The HYoN method of reviewing opportunities. Derek Rivers is the author of a fascinating little book titled, “Hell Yeah or No”.  In it, he describes… Read More »Hell Yeah or No

Four Thousand Weeks

Q: How can I better value the mundane moments? A: By remembering just how short life is. Four Thousand Weeks is the name of a book. It is also almost 77 years. That’s about the life-expectancy for an… Read More »Four Thousand Weeks

Craft as a Loss-Leader

Q: How can someone exceed their salary cap? A: Leverage what you do to make money by what you don’t-do.  Recording artists, athletes, and movie stars are leveraging their brand to make more than their craft… Read More »Craft as a Loss-Leader

Headphones at The Gym

Q: What is an unintended (negative) consequence of increased productivity? A: Loss of community and sharing ideas in person Arnold Schwarzenegger is the greatest bodybuilders of his time, and arguably one of the best of all-time. He… Read More »Headphones at The Gym

Win & Help Win

Q: Is there an ideology/philosophy better than Conservative, Progressive, or Libertarian? A: Yes, “Win & Help Win“ Here’s why it’s a better approach: A concept defined by Balaji S. Srinivasan, on episode #506 of The Tim Ferriss… Read More »Win & Help Win

Hello world!

This is my first article. Many will follow. Most will be insights and thoughts around leading people, engineering outcomes, improving self, economics, and human behavior. Or tacos. I really like tacos. -Andrew Nemeth