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Multi Hyphenate Person of Skill


I am a husband, father, pastor-teacher, designer, writer, creator, adventurer, and amateur chef. I like to collect thoughts, musings, insights, and library cards. You should subscribe to the weekly newsletter 👇🏻 or read more about me.


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Two-Pizza Teams

Q: How many people do we need to solve this problem?A: No more than could be fed with two-pizzas. Am…

Imaginary Problems

Q: How many of my problems are imaginary? A: More than you might think In the book Chicken Soup…

Where Does Abundance Come From?

Q: What are the two forces that create abundance?A: Technology & Subsidy It’s easy to see that A…

An Under-Spending Problem

Q: Other than price, how do you gauge if something is “expensive”?A: Measure it against opportunity …

A Pledge to One Another

Q: Is separation supposed to be the norm?A: No, we’ve drifted from notions of covenant and “death do…

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