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Multi Hyphenate Person of Skill


I am a husband, father, pastor-teacher, business owner, designer, writer, creator, adventurer, and amateur chef. I like to collect thoughts, musings, insights, and library cards. You should subscribe to the weekly newsletter 👇🏻 or read more about me.


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Location, Location, Distribution

Q: What’s more important than location?  A: Distribution. In the “old world” location mattered for e…

The Timeless and the Temporary

Q: Is staying up-to-date really serving me well? A: True wisdom has been tested by generations; not …

Radical Ownership

Q: What’s in my control to change?A: Literally everything. “Whatever you are not changin…

Making Great Time

Q: How do I know which path to choose?A: The one that gets you to your destination Imagine you wake …

How To Say “No”

Q: How do I create more time in a day?A: By saying “No” to things you don’t need t…

Digital Native

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