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Multi Hyphenate Person of Skill


I am a husband, father, pastor-teacher, designer, writer, creator, adventurer, and amateur chef. I like to collect thoughts, musings, insights, and library cards. You should subscribe to the weekly newsletter 👇🏻 or read more about me.


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Hell Yeah or No

Q: How can I reestablish important priorities in my life? A: The HYoN method of reviewing opportunit…

Four Thousand Weeks

Q: How can I better value the mundane moments? A: By remembering just how short life is. Four Thousa…

Craft as a Loss-Leader

Q: How can someone exceed their salary cap? A: Leverage what you do to make money by what you d…

Headphones at The Gym

Q: What is an unintended (negative) consequence of increased productivity? A: Loss of community…

Win & Help Win

Q: Is there an ideology/philosophy better than Conservative, Progressive, or Libertarian? A: Yes, &#…

Digital Native

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