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Multi Hyphenate Person of Skill


I am a husband, father, pastor-teacher, business owner, designer, writer, creator, adventurer, and amateur chef. I like to collect thoughts, musings, insights, and library cards. You should subscribe to the weekly newsletter 👇🏻 or read more about me.


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The Games We Play – Pt. 2/3

Q: Is that a kickball or a dodgeball? A: The ball is the same, but the game is different. Where/when…

The Games We Play – Pt. 1/3

Q: Which is better, the Stanley Cup or the Lombardi Trophy?A: Depends what game you like to play. In…

The Mind-Bending Speed of Tiny Things

Q: How fast do electrons move? A: 2,200 kilometers per second.  Your body, and literally everything,…

When Less is More

Q: How can I see more increase in my life? A: By reduction.  Lots of energy is spent trying to incre…

No/Yes Exchange Rate

Q: What’s the exchange rate for “No” to “Yes”?A: 1:100,000  If someone invites you to the movi…

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