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First & Final Decisions

Q: Should I start Quick or start Cautious? 
A: Start Quick with Final Decisions and Cautious with First Decisions.

“First Decisions” can’t be easily improved by making better decisions later. 

  • It’s hard to to harvest cucumbers if you plant tomato seeds. 
  • It’s hard to make money with a stock if you bought at the top. 

“Final Decisions” are only as good as your last choice and don’t depend heavily on how you started. 

  • You’re only as sober/clean as your most recent drink.
  • Sales jobs only pay as well as your most recent performance.

First Decisions care how you start, Final Decisions care how you finish.

Take your time when making First Decisions, but jump at opportunities if you know they can be improved easily after the fact (Final Decisions). 

Actionable Question: Am I taking my time on the right kinds of decisions? 

Make the right decision,
Andrew Nemeth