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Four Thousand Weeks

Q: How can I better value the mundane moments? 
A: By remembering just how short life is.

Four Thousand Weeks is the name of a book. 
It is also almost 77 years. 
That’s about the life-expectancy for an adult in the United States. 

When you think that a moment is one of an infinite number of identical moments, it’s easy to regard them as worthless. But when you understand that the thing you’re experiencing may not happen but a few more times, it changes your perspective. 

Something as mundane as going to the grocery store feels a little more special when you realize there’s a limited number of those left.

It reminds me of a guy who moved his family across country after a single conversation with his friend helped him realize that if he was only seeing his parents once a year, because of their current distance, he’d likely only see them 15 more times before they passed away.

Remembering the shortness of life helps us to value it accurately.


Actionable Question: What harsh realization do I need to make about the number of weeks I have left?