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Goals vs Systems

Q: What’s the difference between one success and many?
A: The methods and the mindset.

“Goals are for people who care about winning once. 
Systems are for people who care about winning repeatedly.”

James Clear

A goal creates a target that once achieved no longer serves you.
But a system will you serve you again and again.

If the goal is to lose weight. You work hard, shed a few pounds, and hit your goal. Then what? You revert back to “normal mode” and the pounds come back.

If you build a system around eating healthy foods in moderation with regular exercise, excess weight comes off and stays off.

But the same is true in business, sales, writing, marketing, competitive sports, and self-improvement.

Goals still have an important place in setting vision; but systems should be how we achieve that vision.

Actionable Question:  What goal needs to be converted into a system?

Have a great week,
Andrew Nemeth