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Hell Yeah or No

Q: How can I reestablish important priorities in my life? 
A: The HYoN method of reviewing opportunities.

Derek Rivers is the author of a fascinating little book titled, “Hell Yeah or No”.  In it, he describes a scandalous way of reviewing opportunities to make sure that you only spend time and energy on things that truly matter to you. 

As the title implies, with each opportunity that presents itself you ask yourself if you want to be a part of it. If the answer isn’t, “Hell Yeah!”, then you do not do that thing. 

If someone invites you to coffee, it’s polite to accept. But if you accept enough of these because you feel obligated you end up sacrificing time with your family or accomplishing your dreams. 

This invaluable, albeit extreme, philosophy declutters your calendar from compulsory time-wasters and helps you take back control of your priorities. 

It’s a short read, and I’d highly recommend implementing his strategy (at least part of the time). 

Actionable Question: What am I currently doing that I’m not excited about?