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How To Say “No”

Q: How do I create more time in a day?
A: By saying “No” to things you don’t need to be doing.

Lots of people recognize what they should say “No” to, but they’re unsure of how to say it.
Here’s a formula to help you:

Recognition + Appreciation – Constraint = No

Constraint: Already done it
“The Children’s Hospital is a fantastic organization, thank you for helping them with their fundraising efforts, but I’ve already given my charitable donations for this month.”

Constraint: Time
“Bowling is a ton of fun, thanks for thinking of me, unfortunately I’ve over-committed myself recently and won’t be able to make it.”

Constraint: Qualification
“I could see your family really enjoying that finished renovation project, I take it as a compliment that you think I’m handy, but I’m really not qualified to help.”

Constraint: Rules
“You seem really nice, and I’m flattered you’d ask, but I’ve made it a rule not to date co-workers.”

Constraint: Threshold (a conditional No)
“Playing volleyball sounds fun, it’s so great of you to put this together, if you get John, Jill, and Jaime to come I’d be happy to play.”

Constraint: Responsibility
“I can see why you want to work on that, you’ll do well in that area. I won’t be able to help because I’m supposed to be working on X, Y, and Z.”

Actionable Question:  In what ways do I need to have a stronger NO?

Do only what you are supposed to do,
Andrew Nemeth