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Location, Location, Distribution

Q: What’s more important than location?  
A: Distribution

In the “old world” location mattered for everything. It’s why you’ve probably heard the saying, “Location, location, location,” It influenced the people you met, the jobs that were available, and how accessible your service/product was. But in a “new” digital-first world, distribution has replaced location as the most important component of success. 

Sears vs. Amazon
Sears used to have stores in all the best locations. 
Amazon built warehouses wherever land was cheap and major roads were close. 

When all you could do was drive to a store, the store location mattered. When the store comes to you, it’s no longer the location that matters it’s the distribution (Prime delivery & a fleet of trucks). 

Even if you aren’t a billion dollar corporation, you’re still experiencing the power of distribution either working for you or against you every time you write a tweet (an X?), send an email, publish a blog post, or set out to share your work or advertise your service/product. 

Since it’s now the most powerful tool to add leverage to your work, don’t neglect distribution. Begin to think with the new saying, “Distribution, Distribution, Distribution. 

Actionable Question: What’s one channel where I could increase my distribution? 

Have a great weekend,
Andrew Nemeth

P.S. Here’s a great article explaining how Gerard Piqué is leveraging distribution to reinvent soccer.