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Making Great Time

Q: How do I know which path to choose?
A: The one that gets you to your destination

Imagine you wake up at an airport in the middle of the United States and are offered two choices:

  • Hop on a private jet where you’ll sit comfortably in a large cushioned chair with Wi-Fi, central air, and food services
  • Walk out the front door and keep walking through fields, and streets, and streams, with harsh weather and wild animals. 

It seems like a simple choice. 
Hop on the plane. 

But what if the plane takes you to the east coast, and you’re supposed to be on the west coast? 

I’m traveling today, and being on a plane reminded me of an anecdote I heard recently:

A pilot came on over the flights intercom to announce to the crew and passengers that he had good news and bad news. 
“The bad news: we’re lost;
The good news: we’re making great time,”

It seems so many of us are in a hurry going somewhere. And we’re so concerned with hustling, or maximizing our productivity, that we’re “making great time”; but are we actually headed to the right destination?

If you want to end your life with family that loves you, work that fulfills you, and faith that saves you; make sure your current travel plans will get you there. 

It’s better to walk a slow and bumpy trail than to fly on a private jet to the wrong destination. 

Actionable Question: What “destination” do you want to arrive at?

Travel well,
Andrew Nemeth