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Q: Why has progress stalled?
A: You need permission for the next move.

Often there are promotions, endeavors, trips, or decisions that get stalled because you need permission for the next step. When that happens, when you feel stalled, ask yourself one very important question:

Who’s permission are I waiting on?

Without realizing it we can perceive we need someone’s permission to be bold, adventurous, brave, kind, or good. The reality is you have more agency than you give yourself credit for. 

If your boss won’t give you a raise, find a new company.
If your friends aren’t doing anything fun, plan something fun.
If you’re feeling creative, make the thing. 

You have more permission than you thought, because you need less permission than you realize. 

Actionable Question: In what ways were you waiting for someone’s real or imagined permission? 

-Andrew Nemeth

P.S. The internet has done a remarkable job of reducing the power of old gate-keepers, now you can self-publish movies, films, music, podcasts, books, stories and more without the “permission” of traditional publishers. Take advantage of this resource that few generations have ever had access to.