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Q: When is better not actually better?
A: What’s better for a tree might not be better for the forest.

My sunglasses are great; but I wish they were worse. 

Inside my car I’ve got an infotainment screen, it shows me what music is playing, the time, navigation, vehicle status, or what’s behind me when I’m backing up.  And it’s pretty awesome. Unless I’m wearing my sunglasses.  

Which I often do when I’m driving. 

I’m not sure how the tech works, but apparently older screens weren’t designed to accommodate the polarized nature of sunglasses. Somehow the same technology that reduces glare also reduces brightness and visibility in older screens unless you tilt your head significantly while looking at it. 

So the polarized feature I paid extra for is now somewhere between an irritation and a safety hazard. 

Not every upgrade is better for you. 
Not every feature is a benefit for your unique situation. 
Be sure to take into account the whole forest and not just the tree. 

Actionable Question: Is there something I’ve been wanting to update/upgrade but it actually wouldn’t be a benefit if I did? 

-Andrew Nemeth