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The Mind-Bending Speed of Tiny Things

Q: How fast do electrons move? 
A: 2,200 kilometers per second. 

Your body, and literally everything, are made up of tiny atoms. And orbiting around the nucleus of those atoms are the electrons, which are moving at roughly 7 quadrillion (7,000,000,000,000,000,000) revolutions per second.

Those tiny electrons are moving so fast they could travel around the entire globe in 18.4 seconds.

They could run a Thanksgiving 5K, 440 times in a single second.

A fast car can go 200 miles per hour. Those electrons are going 4.85 million miles per hour.

And that’s happening inside of your body right now. The billions of billions of billions of atoms inside of your body are all moving at unfathomable speeds.

Actionable Question: How will you live differently after being reminded that life is a miracle?

Andrew Nemeth