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The Timeless and the Temporary

Q: Is staying up-to-date really serving me well? 
A: True wisdom has been tested by generations; not tapped out hurriedly on a smartphone.

We’re bombarded with things to read: emails, news headlines, posts, books, magazines, articles, and so much more. 

On one end of the spectrum you can read all of the latest thoughts, studies, and writings about the latest topics, trends, and happenings. 

On the other end of the spectrum you have the timeless; all the ancient writings and sacred texts that have survived thousands of years, cultures, and generations.

So, in our free time, why do we find ourselves flicking through posts and updates that will be irrelevant in a week, or at most a month. Why don’t we spend more time with a book like the Bible? A divinely authored work written centuries ago which has outlasted generations, cultures, geographies, and rulers.

Why am I tempted to read what one celebrity (who I don’t know) said about another celebrity (who I’ve never met) regarding the last time they played pretend together—when I could be reading the very word of God?

Actionable Question: How would my life be different if spent more time with timeless wisdom than with temporary thoughts? 

Read the best,
Andrew Nemeth