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Win & Help Win

Q: Is there an ideology/philosophy better than Conservative, Progressive, or Libertarian?
A: Yes, “Win & Help Win

Here’s why it’s a better approach:

A concept defined by Balaji S. Srinivasan, on episode #506 of The Tim Ferriss Show:

Win and help win is neither progressive, nor conservative, nor libertarian. And let me explain why.

First, conservative, your typical conservative, and maybe it’s a caricature, maybe some of your listeners won’t like this, but they just kind of want to stay at home, they want to do their 9 to 5. They’re not as ambitious, they don’t want to leave the small town.

They don’t want to go bright lights, big city, that’s not dispositionally small-c conservative.

Your progressive often has a very zero-sum mentality. They may be ambitious, but they often believe at a very fundamental level that the rich are rich because the poor are poor, that one person’s gain is another person’s loss necessarily and they feel it’s a zero-sum conflict.

And the libertarian will say live and let live, which is a vision of Little House on the Prairie, all being by themselves, et cetera.

Win and help win is none of those three.

It’s ambitious in a way that the small-c conservative is not, it is positive-sum in a way that the progressive is not, and it is collective in a way that the libertarian is not.

I think that’s actually like the most powerful kind of philosophy where you are, and notice also the ordering, the sequencing: win, and help win, that is to say, absolutely, take care of number one, that’s important because if you don’t do that, you can’t help others win. But do that as well.

Actionable Question: Am I being being ambitious, with a positive-sum approach, in a way that helps the collective?