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Imaginary Problems

Q: How many of my problems are imaginary? A: More than you might think In the book Chicken Soup For The Soul, Nadine Stair (an 85 year old woman from Kentucky) shares a remarkable piece of… Read More »Imaginary Problems

Hell Yeah or No

Q: How can I reestablish important priorities in my life? A: The HYoN method of reviewing opportunities. Derek Rivers is the author of a fascinating little book titled, “Hell Yeah or No”.  In it, he describes… Read More »Hell Yeah or No

Win & Help Win

Q: Is there an ideology/philosophy better than Conservative, Progressive, or Libertarian? A: Yes, “Win & Help Win“ Here’s why it’s a better approach: A concept defined by Balaji S. Srinivasan, on episode #506 of The Tim Ferriss… Read More »Win & Help Win