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First & Final Decisions

Q: Should I start Quick or start Cautious? A: Start Quick with Final Decisions and Cautious with First Decisions. “First Decisions” can’t be easily improved by making better decisions later.  “Final Decisions” are only as good… Read More »First & Final Decisions

The Best Way to Argue

Q: How do I disagree without being a jerk?A: Use these three rules. I ran across an instagram video the other day of a guy sharing some marriage advice, and I thought it was great.… Read More »The Best Way to Argue

Goals vs Systems

Q: What’s the difference between one success and many?A: The methods and the mindset. “Goals are for people who care about winning once. Systems are for people who care about winning repeatedly.” –James Clear A goal… Read More »Goals vs Systems

A Big Problem

Q: What happens after you solve your biggest problem?A: The next largest problem becomes your “biggest problem”. I’ve been staring at an email from Jack Butcher for over a month now. In it, he opens… Read More »A Big Problem

High & Low Agency

Q: If you were detained in a third-world prison who would you call to get you out?A: That’s the most high-agency person you know.  “Agency” refers to someone’s capacity to exert power.  When someone is… Read More »High & Low Agency

Two-Pizza Teams

Q: How many people do we need to solve this problem?A: No more than could be fed with two-pizzas. Amazon has a philosophy about keeping teams small so that they can collaborate better.  “We try… Read More »Two-Pizza Teams