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The Deeper Need

Q: Will buying some thing make me happy? A: Only for a moment, and here’s why…  Systems engineer and environmental scientist Donella Meadows on nonmaterial needs: “People don’t need enormous cars; they need admiration and respect.… Read More »The Deeper Need

High & Low Agency

Q: If you were detained in a third-world prison who would you call to get you out?A: That’s the most high-agency person you know.  “Agency” refers to someone’s capacity to exert power.  When someone is… Read More »High & Low Agency

Birthday Advice

Q: What’s some wisdom to help celebrate another year of living?A: Here’s some short-and-sweet insights: Time will begin to move faster, and your body a bit slower. Do what you can to enjoy little moments throughout… Read More »Birthday Advice

Knowing What You Want

Q: Why aren’t people happy when they get what they want?A: Because they’re borrowing other people’s definitions.  Many people want love, success, wealth, freedom, and health. And it would seem, to achieve any one of… Read More »Knowing What You Want