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When Less is More

Q: How can I see more increase in my life? A: By reduction.  Lots of energy is spent trying to increase our happiness, money, status, health. And while that’s necessary, there’s a lot to be gained… Read More »When Less is More

No/Yes Exchange Rate

Q: What’s the exchange rate for “No” to “Yes”?A: 1:100,000  If someone invites you to the movies and you say, “No,”. You’ve said “No,” to one thing.  But if you say, “Yes,” you are consequently… Read More »No/Yes Exchange Rate

First & Final Decisions

Q: Should I start Quick or start Cautious? A: Start Quick with Final Decisions and Cautious with First Decisions. “First Decisions” can’t be easily improved by making better decisions later.  “Final Decisions” are only as good… Read More »First & Final Decisions

The Best Way to Argue

Q: How do I disagree without being a jerk?A: Use these three rules. I ran across an instagram video the other day of a guy sharing some marriage advice, and I thought it was great.… Read More »The Best Way to Argue

Radical Ownership

Q: What’s in my control to change?A: Literally everything. “Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”  -Laurie Buchanan It’s an extreme position to take, but we have to admit at some level, anything we… Read More »Radical Ownership

Making Great Time

Q: How do I know which path to choose?A: The one that gets you to your destination Imagine you wake up at an airport in the middle of the United States and are offered two… Read More »Making Great Time