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High & Low Agency

Q: If you were detained in a third-world prison who would you call to get you out?A: That’s the most high-agency person you know.  “Agency” refers to someone’s capacity to exert power.  When someone is… Read More »High & Low Agency

Birthday Advice

Q: What’s some wisdom to help celebrate another year of living?A: Here’s some short-and-sweet insights: Time will begin to move faster, and your body a bit slower. Do what you can to enjoy little moments throughout… Read More »Birthday Advice

Knowing What You Want

Q: Why aren’t people happy when they get what they want?A: Because they’re borrowing other people’s definitions.  Many people want love, success, wealth, freedom, and health. And it would seem, to achieve any one of… Read More »Knowing What You Want

Imaginary Problems

Q: How many of my problems are imaginary? A: More than you might think In the book Chicken Soup For The Soul, Nadine Stair (an 85 year old woman from Kentucky) shares a remarkable piece of… Read More »Imaginary Problems

Four Thousand Weeks

Q: How can I better value the mundane moments? A: By remembering just how short life is. Four Thousand Weeks is the name of a book. It is also almost 77 years. That’s about the life-expectancy for an… Read More »Four Thousand Weeks